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The Kestrel Camping Trailer by Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers

Kestrel | Cabin


Compact and spacious, rarely do such words work so well together. The Kestrel's cabin is built around a double size mattress, slightly more compact than our Classic, at 54-inches wide and 75-inches long, the Kestrel comfortably sleeps two in its cozy cabin. Borrowing details from the Classic, the Kestrel's cabin features a larger headboard cabinet than the Classic, a full-width shelf at the foot of the bed, and a storage cubby at the base of the mattress. The interior of the Kestrel is simple, purpose-built, and ready for adventure.


Kiss claustrophobia good-bye.

The cabin is illuminated by three AA-powered LED lamps, two reading lamps above the head of the bed, and a dome lamp toward the foot of the bed. All of our cabin LED lights are a warm white, which adds to the warm inviting feeling of our trailer.

Every Kestrel comes pre-wired and ready to accept a power upgrade, whether done at the time of the initial build, or added in the future; the Kestrel has a full power system upgrade which includes a 75-amp-hour AGM battery, trickle charger, headboard USB ports, 12v interior and exterior lights, as well as power supply for a fan.

For ventilation, every trailer comes standard with two venting windows, two doors with venting windows, and a roof vent for passive ventilation. We offer a 4-speed powered fan and 10-speed powered fan with rain sensor as upgrades for optimal ventilation; both upgrade fans require our power system upgrade.

Our interior storage in the Kestrel is a combination of the details of the Classic, with unique details to maximize the available space of the Kestrel’s cabin, without impeding your comfort to relax inside. At the foot of the bed, you’ll find a large full-width shelf; below which we’ve designed in a storage cubby at the base of the mattress. Along with a large headboard cabinet with sliding bypass doors, the Kestrel maximizes storage and still feels spacious.

Every trailer comes standard with a passive roof vent, two doors, two windows, and mattress. Add pillows and a destination, and you’re ready to camp the day you pick it up.

Options include an upgraded mattress, full power system upgrade, 4-speed or 10-speed fan with rain sensor, window curtains, folding shelves, and a Propex heater.

Shop visits by appointment only during this time. We are happy to provide private video tours as well.

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