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What started as a conversation in 2015 between founder Kevin Molick and his wife, Paula, has since skyrocketed into one of the top names in the world of Teardrop Trailers. Kevin and Paula were discussing their desire to get back out to camping and traveling their back yard of Colorado and the neighboring states but wanted to get away from the cold and discomfort of tent camping. Large pull-behind RVs or motor-homes just weren’t their style and after some searching, Kevin discovered the teardrop trailer and was instantly intrigued.

The teardrop trailer checked all of the boxes for Kevin and Paula. The aesthetic is undeniably mid-century, driving design inspiration for the two over the years. Sleeping comfort was inconsistent and often overlooked in many other trailer options and RVs. An outdoor galley for preparing and cooking home-style meals in the great outdoors was an exciting alternative to the freeze-dried meals of traditional camping. The teardrop trailer seemed the perfect fit, it checked all of the boxes: light enough to pull with their Subaru Outback, the ability to park it as a base camp, comfort and warmth for sleeping, ample cooking space, and visually appealing.

As Kevin compiled a list of key features to seek out, he found that no single teardrop in production was tailored to his needs: ergonomics, aesthetics, and quality. There were many that met some of these considerations, but none met all, and so Kevin began considering what it would take for a trailer to fully meet their needs.

Teardrop Trailer Company | Timberleaf Trailers LLC

Kevin’s history in woodworking began in 1976, shortly after being Honorably Discharged from the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division he turned a more serious eye to the growing passion. He specialized in fine woodworking and furniture from 1976 to 1994, building beautiful and unique pieces of furniture for clients in and around Denver.

After 1994, Kevin shifted his focus toward remodels and renovations of older homes throughout the Denver area, bringing with him his knowledge and skillset cultivated
over many years as a fine woodworker. Over time these projects became larger and more detailed, Kevin built a reputation around his approach to modernizing Denver’s Craftsman-style homes, while preserving and enhancing their original character for a modern lifestyle.

Inspiration truly hit, almost serendipitously, when an issue of Sunset Magazine landed in Kevin’s lap featuring an elegant teardrop trailer. While brainstorming ideas for building a teardrop of his own, his son Alex emphatically voiced support for the project. With this support, the day came to begin designing his own teardrop trailer from the ground up, he studied techniques and researched plans for trailers throughout their history dating back to the 1940s and began designing what would ultimately become the first Timberleaf Teardrop Trailer; the Classic.

Throughout the build process of their personal trailer, Kevin shared his design ideas with friends and past clients of remodels; after several of them excitedly offered encouragement and exclaimed that they were intrigued and would be interested in buying one for themselves — the thought occurred to Kevin that perhaps producing the trailers may be a viable business venture.

Over the course of several weeks, Kevin developed a business plan, thinking through every last detail of both trailer and business functions. Having owned his own woodworking business and remodeling business, the idea of a new business venture wasn’t a foreign concept for him. During this time, his remodeling business was flourishing, and he knew before he could proceed with a complete shift of focus for his and his wife’s primary source of income, he would need Paula’s approval. One evening, Kevin laid out his thoughts to possibly move away from the successful business onto the new, unfamiliar territory to Paula. Within 15-minutes, she was on board and enthusiastically supported the goals for the new venture.

In late 2015, Timberleaf Trailers launched with their flagship model, the Classic. Built around the classical teardrop trailer shape, with an emphasis on form and function alongside unrivaled detailing born from a lifetime of woodworking; Timberleaf Trailers announced their entry into the industry.

Kevin’s initial plan to phase out of his remodeling business as the teardrop business developed was to be a gradual one over the course of two years. However, once online magazines such as Uncrate, The Coolector,, and more began to build excitement around the new product, it was clear that the timeline should be accelerated and within two months, the Timberleaf Trailers shop was proceeding at full force in order to meet the demand.

Timberleaf brings an unmatched combination of clean lines, elegant detailing, bold use of color, and nods to mid-century modern design. Together, these elements are what make up the most premier teardrop camping trailers available today built by craftspeople with years of experience and uncompromising attention to detail.

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