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Classic Teardrop Cabin


Outfitted with one of the largest skylights of any teardrop in the industry, the cabin feels spacious and open. With customized storage cubbies behind the headboard, and a shelf for storage above. Our gorgeous natural wood folding shelves on either side of the cabin are there when you want them, and stashed away when you don't. In addition to this, we've created an array of cabinets above the footwell, you'll have plenty of space to store all of your essentials, and then some!


Fully Insulated for a maximum amount of comfort!

Our Classic teardrop trailer is insulated in both the walls and ceiling with one-inch thick foam, locked between two layers of Birch plywood, the cold winter air will be kept at bay while you and yours will be warm and cozy inside our spacious cabin.

At the foot of the bed, you’ll find our hand-made cabinet constructed of Alder and Birch, with three doors across the width of the trailer, internal shelving, a USB port, and 110-volt GFCI outlet; storage is convenient, but kept a comfortable distance from your head space to maximize the space to relax in comfort. Behind you we have a built-in headboard cabinet, with dual sliding bypass doors, a shelf with an Alder lip to keep items in their place, and two more USB charge ports.

Our mattress is a custom-made Colorado Queen mattress – the same length as a standard queen mattress, 57-inches wide and 80-inches long, only 3-inches narrower to fit our trailer perfectly! Standard with a six-inch-thick foam mattress, and available upgrade to a triple-layer 8-inch foam mattress, you’ll be more at home in your trailer than your own bed.

Every trailer comes standard with our large skylight, skylight shade, 4-speed electric fan, two doors, two windows, and mattress. Add pillows and a destination, and you’re ready to camp the day you pick it up.

Options include an upgraded mattress, 10-speed fan with rain sensor, window curtains, folding shelves, and a Propex heater.

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