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The Kestrel

The Kestrel Camping Trailer

OUR NEWEST Trailer Built For the Minimalist.

Meet our lightest, most budget-friendly camping trailer and newest family member to the Timberleaf Teardrop Trailer lineup! The Kestrel is our most affordable camping trailer that is lighter and a more compact alternative to our Pika teardrop trailer model. If you are looking for an ultra lightweight teardrop trailer that is built for the most comfortable minimalist camping trailer, the Kestrel may be just what your heart desires. Unlike the Pika and Classic, the Kestrel does not have a rear-access hatch, galley, built in power, or skylight. Every Kestrel comes standard with two doors, two windows, a roof vent, and 6-inch mattress. The Kestrel camping trailer starts out at 860 pounds.



The Kestrel teardrop trailer inherits many design details from its predecessors the Pika and the Classic, such as the over-built fully welded and powder coated 2-inch by 3-inch 11 gauge steel frame, enamel baked aluminum sides, and interior cabin details from both. But with a new twist on our tried-and-true design, combining both trailers into a smaller, lighter, and more affordable model.

Starting out at 860 pounds, the Kestrel sits on a 54-inch by 90-inch frame and is well suited for travelers who are seeking a lighter, more nimble trailer, or don’t feel the need for the bells and whistles of the Classic or the Pika, but do want the ultimate in comfort as they camp.

Available in the same three suspension packages as the Classic, our most compact teardrop trailer can be equipped with our Standard package, All-Road package, or Off-Road package to make a trailer well suited for all types of travel behind nearly any vehicle. The Kestrel is the ultimate in small to miniature style camping trailers.

The Kestrel Camping Trailer by Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers
The Kestrel Camping Trailer by Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers


Wide Open Spaces.

In a dramatic departure from both the Classic and Pika, the Kestrel is our most minimalist trailer. With no rear-access hatch, galley, power system, skylight, or fan; making many of these features optional has allowed us to keep the cost of entry into a luxury teardrop camping trailer as low as possible, resulting in our most affordable trailer yet.

The Kestrel’s cabin is built around the same double size mattress as the Pika, but introduces much more cabin storage than the Pika. At 54 inches wide, the Kestrel camping trailer comfortably sleeps two in its cozy cabin making it one of the most comfortable small camping trailers.

With inspiration from the Classic, we’ve designed the Kestrel to have the most available cabin storage possible, while also maximizing the open space for you to stretch out in for a comfortable yet cozy camping experience. We’ve kept the space in the cabin as wide open to minimize the claustrophobic feeling, similar to the Classic and Pika, you’ll appreciate the large open space inside the Kestrel.

The cabin is illuminated by three battery-operated LED lamps, two reading lamps above the head of the bed, and a dome lamp toward the foot of the bed. All of our cabin LED lights are warm white, which adds to the warm inviting feeling of our trailer.

  • 2,000lb torsion axle
  • 205/75r15 trailer tires
  • 15″ aluminum wheels
  • Round smooth aluminum fenders
  • Standard 2″ ball coupler
From our earliest days, we wanted to preserve the retro and classic stylings of the very first teardrop camping trailer to hit the road. With our true teardrop shape, rounded fenders, and 15-inch trailer tires, we have designed our Pika model to fit right at home on Route 66; intended for primarily highway and mild dirt road duty.
  • Timbren Axle-Less suspension, 3500lb independant suspension
  • Electric drum brakes
  • 30×9.5r15 all terrain tires
  • 15″ polished aluminum wheels
  • Aluminum Jeep-style diamond plate fenders
  • Max-Coupler articulating hitch
Our All-Road model is targeted to the Crossover SUV, all-wheel-drive, and similarly highly capable touring vehicles. Truly intended to tackle all roads, we have beefed up the suspension, added electric brakes, and increased tire size to better match the standard tires found on Outbacks and similar vehicles. Intended for highway, and rough back roads, and even mild dirt roads. Where an Outback can go, this trailer will follow without hesitation.
  • Timbren Axle-Less suspension, 3500lb independent suspension
  • 4″ lift
  • Electric drum brakes
  • 31×10.5×15 BFGoodrich KO2 tires
  • 15″ polished aluminum wheels
  • Custom jeep-style HD fenders w/ integrated corner steps
  • Front corner rock sliders made of 1.5″x.120″ HREW
  • Max-Coupler articulating hitch
Go forth. Explore. Fret not, for your trailer will follow through the most rugged terrain you can pull it through. We have built this package to accompany anything from a stock truck or SUV, all the way up to the most modified of offroad and overland vehicles. Intended for any road ahead of you, be it paved, dirt, or rocky.

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