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 How To Choose The Perfect Add-ons and Upgrades For Your Teardrop Trailer

Camping is the ultimate expression of self. Some people choose to go ultra minimalist, using just a tarp and rope, while others opt for huge gooseneck trailers with multiple pop-outs. Timberleaf Trailersexist somewhere in the Goldilocks range of this spectrum, providing the flexibility of a compact and lightweight platform, while still allowing you to enjoy a great night’s sleep on a real mattress.

At Timberleaf, we recognize that everyone’s ideal camping experience is unique and offer a wide range of add-ons and upgrades to help you tailor your trailer to your camping desires. Check out this guide to see some of our favorite upgrades and learn what your Timberleaf Traileris capable of!

Go Off road in our teardrop trailers

No Roads? No Problem

The standard Timberleaf Trailers ride on a torsion axle that is designed to eat up the miles and is perfect for cross-country highway adventures. However, if your adventures don’t stop when the pavement ends then you should consider upgrading to one of our two heavy-duty suspension packages:

Go Further

The Timberleaf All-Road package switches out the torsion suspension for a heavy-duty Timbren Axle-Less independent suspension, swaps the standard tires for beefier 30-inch all-terrain tires, and adds a Max-Coupler articulating hitch to handle steeper approaches and breakover angles. The result is a trailer which is ready to tackle wash-boarded dirt roads and heavily pot-holed asphalt with ease.


If your journeys occasionally require a spotter, a locking differential, and a bit of rock crawling, then the Off-Road Package is the upgrade for you. On top of the suspension and hitch upgrades of the All Road, the Off Road package adds Goodrich KO2 tires, frame-mounted tube steel rock sliders, and up to 23-inches of ground clearance!

The Off-Road upgrades make your teardrop trailer capable of going where very few SUVs and trucks dare to travel! From Moab to the Rubicon Trail, your Timberleaf will follow you anywhere!

The Fine Dining Experience

Both the Timberleaf Classic and the Timberleaf Pika come with a galley that includes a stainless steel sink, 11-gallon water tank, dimmable LED task lights, and a 2-burner Dometic stove to let you craft campsite culinary delights. However, if you’re an iron chef and want to get a 5-star dining experience out under the stars, here are some kitchen upgrades to consider:

Ditch The Freeze Dried Meals

Camping is synonymous with “Just-Add-Water” meals in mylar bags, boxed mac and cheese, and other non-perishables. While hunger is the best sauce and after a day on the trail any of these can make for a delicious meal, it is undeniable that being able to travel with fresh meat and cold beer is a fantastic luxury.

Dometic Pullout Animated

The Timberleaf Trailer galleys have room for an optional 45-liter dovetail wood cooler or a 12-volt Dometic refrigerator. Our cooler has 2-inches of foam insulation, offering a long-weekend’s worth of cold, while the energy-sipping refrigerator can provide cold storage for as long as you can keep your trailer’s built-in battery topped up!

More Prep Space

Many state park campgrounds come with large picnic tables which are great for food prep – but for anyone taking their cooking further afield you’ll need to bring your own countertops! The detachable exterior shelf upgrade lets you effortlessly add counter space to your Timberleaf trailer, without the hassle of assembling a fold-out table!

Power Your Teardrop Trailer With Lion Energy

Stay Charged Off the Grid

For some, going camping is the perfect opportunity to completely disconnect from all things electric, however for others it’s a chance to take ‘work-from-home’ into the woods! At Timberleaf we’re not here to tell you how to enjoy the outdoors and so we provide options for everyone.

The Timberleaf Classic and Timberleaf Pika both come standard with 100-amp hour deep cycle batteries (optional add-on for the Kestrel) which powers the fan, USB-outlets, LED lights, and fridge. Need more energy than this? We’ve got you covered:

More Juice

While our base 100-amp hour AGM deep cycle batteries are easily enough for a long weekend of lights and charging, sometimes more power is needed. Our Battleborn Self Heating Lithium battery upgrade offers 60% more usable power, 65% less weight, a longer standby time, and a 10-year warranty!

Harness the Power of the Sun!

For complete grid-independence you’ll want to choose a solar upgrade package. At Timberleaf we have two options: a solar-ready wiring package or a 140-watt Lightleaf Dropleaf solar panel. The Lightleaf mounts to the galley hatch and is removable, allowing for “on-the-tow” charging as well as perfect positioning once you’re at your campsite.

Bring All The Toys

From mountain biking to kayaking, outdoor sports often require you to bring along some pretty sizable gear! All three of our teardrop trailer models come standard with a 2-inch rear receiver hitch, perfect for attaching standard bike racks or accessory boxes, but we have options that let you take your storage to the next level.

Think Vertical

Our customized roof racks are the perfect solution for transporting kayaks, canoes, bicycles, and more. Choose from our custom standard rack or our custom full-platform rack which gives you an extra place to store firewood and other gear!

Timberleaf Trailers Classic | Utah

Even More Storage

If you’re looking for more storage space our 7.5 cubic foot lockable tongue storage box is the answer. Whether you’re storing an extra propane tank or a bocce-ball set, this box is easy to access, weather proof, and matches the rest of the trailer’s rugged aesthetics.

Choose Your Adventure

All Timberleaf trailers are built for adventure and even our base models are comfortably equipped. However, if you want to practice your cooking skills, keep your laptop charged, or bring along a kayak we have an upgrade for you! Check out our online build form to design your own travel companion and see the possibilities.

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