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The West’s 10 Best Off Road Trails

Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers off road package

When most people think of off-roading they conjure up images of lifted Jeeps, oversized tires, and locking differentials. Well, did you know that you can take your off-road adventures to the next level with Timberleaf’s Off-Road Package equipped trailers? Built to handle the toughest conditions out there, a Timberleaf trailer will let you rock crawl by day, set up camp in minutes, cook a great meal, and have a fantastic night’s rest.

We’ve put together a list of 10 of the best off road trails west of the Rockies suitable for multi-day exploration! So without further ado let’s dive into it:

Quartzite – Arizona

This small town sitting alongside I-10 near the California border is home to thousands of miles of off-road trails. In the winter the trails play host to tens of thousands of off-roaders who are there for rock crawling, dunes, dirt roads, camping, and more. The summer sees the temperatures rise to well above 100 degrees, so plan your trip accordingly!


Death Valley – California

Of all of the US national parks, Death Valley has the most miles of roads with over 1,000 miles of roads to explore. These roads range from paved, to dirt, although be aware that the road conditions vary from “adequate” to “barely there.”
While the park doesn’t offer any off-roading, it is still an incredible way to explore one of US’s most iconic parks. Come prepared for extreme weather – the desert days are blisteringly hot but you’ll appreciate your Timberleaf’s standard 1-inch of R7 foam insulation when the nighttime chill sets in.

While the namesake valley sits at 282-feet below sea level, the neighboring mountains soar to the contiguous United State’s highest peak; Mt. Whitney reaches 14,505 feet.

The classic teardrop trailer from Timberleaf holds a lot of water

Mojave Road – California

Traversing 150 miles of desert terrain, the Mojave Road crosses the Mojave Desert from east to west, mostly within the bounds of the Mojave National Preserve. The road isn’t regularly maintained and the sandy conditions require 4 wheel drive. Expect the journey to take at least 3 days – requiring you to pack in fuel, water, and food.

It’s recommended that those planning on spending time in the desert bring 2 gallons of water per person per day. The Timberleaf Classic’s optional 17.5 gallons of onboard water storage should be enough for two people making the crossing, but it’s always a good idea to bring an extra 5 gallon jerry-can! Even the Classic’s standard 11 gallon capacity will get you close to the 12 gallons two people should need for the journey!

Your preparation will be rewarded with the unparalleled serenity of remote desert vistas and fabulously dark skies – perfect for stargazing through the expansive skylight in your trailer’s cabin!

The Rubicon Trail – California

This trail in the California High Sierra has achieved something of legendary status among off-roaders; with Jeep going so far as to name their excellent off-road editions after it. Covering 22 miles of harsh terrain, this trail is known for its difficulty.

While it can be finished in a single day, we recommend that you plan on taking it slow and camping out for a night. The Rubicon is one of those trails where it isn’t a question of if you’ll get stuck – merely when. Come prepared and enjoy the journey!
Normal trailers will balk at the Rubicon’s demanding conditions, but when you equip your Timberleaf trailer with the Off Road Package you’ll still be able to enjoy a relaxing night of rest in a Colorado-queen sized bed, letting you wake up early and tackle the second half of the trail bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Tabeguache Trail – Colorado

Perhaps best known for its extensive mountain biking trails, the Lunch Loops outside of Grand Junction, CO also is home to the 142 mile long Tabeguache trail. This trail crosses through four different eco-zones as it meanders from 4,600’ all the way up to 9,700’ in elevation.

The trails are known to be challenging, and will demand a well-equipped vehicle, a fair amount of driving and navigational skills, and a willingness to persevere.
Located primarily on BLM land, visitors will be able to make camp as they go, so come prepared to spend a few nights. Setting up camp with your Timberleaf Pika trailer is a breeze – just drop the trailer, level it, and you’re ready to enjoy a night out in the mountains.

The mighty Pika teardrop trailer handles off road like a pro

Magruder Road Corridor – Idaho / Montana

Crossing 100 miles of wilderness from Idaho into Montana, the Magruder Road Corridor is a fantastic opportunity to get away from civilization and enjoy mountain views amidst untouched natural beauty.

The trail isn’t particularly demanding, although the weather conditions are known to be unpredictable and snow is possible at almost any time of year. While this trail can be knocked out in a day, we recommend you plan on taking at least two days, camping and enjoying the slow life.

Logandale Trail System – Nevada

Just under an hour’s drive from Las Vegas, the Logandale Trail System has 200+ miles of OHV trails to explore in the Nevada desert. This popular weekend destination has everything from sand dunes to rock crawling. Whether you’re new to off-roading or are a seasoned pro, you’ll find a wide range of trails to tackle.

Timberleaf teardrop trailers in Utah

Moab – Utah

The Sand Flats Recreation Area just outside of Moab, Utah is a great place to test your off-road mettle, pushing yourself and your gear to its limits. Moab has a variety of trails available, including the famously punishing Hell’s Revenge.

Moab offers more trails that you can realistically finish in a day, so we recommend taking a long weekend at least and camping out. Sand Flats offers campsites with fire rings, picnic tables, and nearby toilets, but you’ll need to bring your own water.

Evans Creek ORV Trail – Washington

Washington’s most popular off-road trail system, Evans Creek Off Road Vehicle Trail provides 40 miles of OHV trails to conquer. You’ll be incapable of missing spectacular views of Mt. Rainier which looms on the horizon. After a long day of off-roading unwind at one Evans Creek’s 23 campsites.

This trail is a great option for the summer months when trails down south are getting too hot to handle.

Morrison Jeep Trail – Wyoming

With 22 miles of switchbacks, 25 degree grades, and a peak elevation of over 10,000’ this is not a trail for the faint of heart. However, those who decide to brave it will be rewarded with unforgettable views.

This trail is located just a few miles outside of Cody, Wyoming and due to its elevation is closed throughout the winter due to heavy snows. As it is situated in prime grizzly country, bring your bear spray!

Teardrop Camping – Even When the Pavement Ends

With their low weight, compact dimensions, and Timberleaf’s robust construction, teardrop campers are the perfect choice for off-roaders looking to take their camper with them on extreme adventures.

The Timberleaf Off-Road Package includes beefier off-road tires, enhanced ground clearance (up to 22-1/2-inches of clearance!), heavy duty Timbren axle-less independent suspension, steel rock sliders, diamond plate rock armor, and a Max-Coupler Articulating Hitch which can deal with the extreme angles overland and off-road travel demands.

At the end of the day you’ll be able to set up camp in minutes, deploy your kitchen, and be ready to enjoy an evening of relaxation in some of the most remote campsites imaginable.

Camping off road with Timberleaf Trailers

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