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Covering Your Bases: A Deep Dive into Awning Options


Covering Your Bases: A Deep Dive into Awning Options

Embarking on any camping trip with a teardrop allows you to immerse yourself in nature while retaining some home comforts. An accessory that significantly elevates this experience is the addition of an awning. Apart from offering needed shelter during rainy entries and exits from your trailer, this versatile upgrade can revolutionize your camping experience and, most importantly, extend the time you spend camping. Imagine savoring a leisurely morning coffee shielded from the intense sun or relishing an evening breeze, protected from a chilly rain, while preparing a delicious meal.  

An awning opens up numerous possibilities for outdoor gatherings, creating a snug haven for storytelling, board games, movie nights, or simply unwinding with loved ones. Whether you’re seeking shade from the midday sun, a sheltered dining spot on misty mornings, or a communal hub for socializing, the right awning and accessories can safeguard your camping experiences from the whims of Mother Nature.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the array of awning upgrades and accessories available for your Timberleaf build and help you determine the ideal ones for your camping lifestyle.


What would you like to cover? 

When contemplating using an awning at a campsite, envisioning your ideal setup is the first crucial step. While a conventional approach involves mounting a single side awning to your camper, this isn’t the only option. A single side-mounted awning offers ample coverage, serving as a sheltered entryway and a cozy space for lounging, dining, and soaking in scenic views. This is particularly ideal for campers planning to utilize additional pop-up shelters and screened-in canopies for socializing activities.

On the other hand, some campers opt for an awning covering both sides for extended coverage, especially during the night. This configuration prevents awkward midnight maneuvers when nature calls, ensuring a more convenient trip to the restroom without disturbing your sleeping partner. The dual-side awning design enhances flexibility, creating a wrap-around shelter adaptable to various campsite layouts and weather conditions. Forget the days of strategic trailer backing or worrying about the sun’s position and wind direction.

For those passionate about outdoor culinary arts, a rear awning over the kitchen galley introduces a practical option. This addition shields the chef from the elements, allowing them to cook tasty meals regardless of the weather. It not only establishes a dedicated cooking haven but also provides a socializing space, especially for those who prefer hanging out behind their trailers.

For ultimate camping versatility, consider a combination of side and back galley awnings. This holistic approach transforms your teardrop camper into a multifunctional hub, offering shaded areas for relaxation, dining, and cooking. This dynamic and adaptable outdoor space caters to every aspect of your camping lifestyle, making it particularly valuable in consistently wet or intensely sunny environments.


Exploring different types of awnings:

Now that you’ve determined where to mount your awning, the next step is to identify the type that suits your needs. For small adventure trailers, the roll-up awning stands out as a symbol of practicality and versatility. These user-friendly awnings have become the preferred choice for adventurers seeking an affordable, compact solution that’s both quick and easy to deploy. Ideal for small camping trailers, teardrops, and SUVs, their unobtrusive design ensures easy towing and maneuverability without sacrificing valuable camping space. The roll-up mechanism allows for swift deployment, offering near-instant shade or shelter during unexpected weather changes. Whether you’re setting up camp for the night or taking a short pit stop, these awnings provide a rapid and efficient solution, maximizing your time in the great outdoors.

Among the many options available, the Sunseeker series by RhinoRack stands out as a top choice. Crafted in two sizes, these awnings seamlessly blend with modern trailer aesthetics, offering a compact and user-friendly design.

For those seeking quicker setup and expanded coverage, a 180-degree or 270-degree awning might be the ideal choice. These awnings, with their unique appearance, provide a spacious, sheltered space, perfect for creating a large, comfortable outdoor living area beside your trailer. Popularized by overlanders seeking shade from the intense desert sun and rain, these awnings are excellent additions for tear-droppers and adventure trailer enthusiasts who want shelter without sacrificing time inside their camper. While there are many quality options available, we can’t recommend 23zero’s Peregrine 180° Awning enough, as it perfectly balances compactness, aesthetics, quality, and ease of use.

If the expansive coverage of a 270-degree awning feels excessive but you still want to extend your teardrop’s living space in the galley, an alternative option is the MoonShade dome awning by Moon Fabrications. Engineered with a focus on simplicity and versatility, this awning effortlessly attaches to the back hatch of the galley, providing instant protection from the elements. 

What sets the MoonShade apart is its distinctive dome shape, designed not only for sunshade efficiency but also to prevent rain pooling. It offers a sleek and practical solution, delivering quick and adaptable shelter that enhances your teardrop camping experience effortlessly.


Accessories to consider: 

The exploration of awning possibilities is just the beginning, and a key consideration before making your purchase involves delving into the array of awning accessories available. 


Beyond the basic structure, awnings often come equipped with extensions, maximizing their utility to cover expansive areas like picnic tables during inclement weather or providing additional shade in the absence of natural foliage. Some awnings are thoughtfully designed with detachable side walls, serving not only as barriers against wind and harsh sunlight but also as discreet spaces for changing or showering, transforming the outdoor experience into a more private affair.  

The versatility doesn’t stop there. Envision crafting a separate sleeping haven or an additional room for your teardrop, enhancing its functionality and comfort. Additionally, many awning accessories include netting options, a practical choice to keep pesky bugs at bay. Accessories offer a spectrum of possibilities to tailor your teardrop camping setup precisely to your needs before making a well-informed purchase.


Mounting and the need for a roof rack:

The last crucial aspect to remember is the essential need for a roof rack when opting for any side-mounted awning. Our selection includes various types of custom options, and a thoughtful consideration of the rack’s potential uses can significantly impact your choice. Beyond supporting the awning, these racks offer versatility, accommodating additional storage, kayaks, road showers, rooftop tents, and more. Strategically assessing your intended rack usage from the outset helps avoid the need for future replacements. In addition, incorporating both the roof rack and awning into your initial budgetary planning is invaluable, recognizing that the investment extends beyond the awning alone. This ensures a comprehensive and harmonious integration of both components into your teardrop camping setup.


Remember that the right choice is a personal one, tailored to your specific camping style and needs. Whether you opt for a simple one-sided classic roll-up awning or an expansive 270-degree option with all the bells and whistles, both can enhance your camping experience and extend the times you spend outdoors. Consider your habits, the terrain, and desired convenience levels ,and don’t forget to explore the array of accessories and roof rack options to make your outdoor experience truly tailored to your adventure. 

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