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8 Reasons to Buy a Timberleaf Trailer

Reasons To Buy A Timberleaf Teardrop Trailer

We understand that there are lots of trailers on the market – and picking between them can feel like an impossible task. Well, honestly, you’re in luck because you’re already looking at the best trailers on the market.

Sure, we’re a little biased, but we truly believe that Timberleaf Trailers are some of the best trailers available as they are hand-built, designed for off-road use, offer unmatched comfort, and are effortless to tow!

Here are eight reasons why we know you’ll love owning a new Timberleaf Trailer!

Quality Crafted Teardrop Trailers Made In The USA

Quality Craftsmanship and Premium Features

At the end of the day, details are what matter. When you look at your Timberleaf Trailer you’ll notice that all of its body panels line up neatly. Why? Because every Timberleaf Trailer is built by hand and we took the time to do it right.

Every surface on a Timberleaf trailer that you touch and every feature you interact with will feel substantial, robust, and pleasant! The exterior panels are made from long-lasting aluminum, with an anodized roof and painted sides, while every exposed interior space is covered in zero-VOC urethane-coated premium Baltic birch plywood.

While some of our competitors offer a tongue storage box, ours is actually lockable – because we know that even in the great outdoors a bit of peace of mind goes a long way! Our skylights are some of the biggest in the business – even though our trailers are compact. Lay back and enjoy up to 1,144 square inches of night sky, all from the insulated comfort of the interior of your Timberleaf Trailer.

Timeless Beauty

Alright, this is admittedly a subjective call, but teardrop trailers in general and Timberleaf trailers in particular, are our favorite looking trailers. When set amidst the backdrop of scenic vistas, a Timberleaf trailer looks right, while bulkier trailers stand out like an elephant at a tea party. Teardrop trailers are sleek and cheerful, and look just as at home on a beach as a mountaintop.

When you choose a Timberleaf Trailer you get a choice between 14 colors and exterior designs, three trim packages, and even custom countertop options! Want a trailer that matches your overland rig’s appearance? We offer two levels of off-road package, both offering greater ride height, knobby tires, and a rugged look. Although these aren’t just cosmetic upgrades, we recognize some people just want a trailer to match their aesthetic!

Off-Road Capability

If you are looking for a trailer to take on your next overland adventure, then the Timberleaf off-road package is for you. This package gives our trailers up to 23-inches of ground clearance (6-½-inches more than our standard models!) and ride atop a Timbren Heavy Duty Axle-less independent suspension.

With the off-road package equipped, your trailer will roll on 31-inch or 33-inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2 tires – providing incredible durability even over unforgiving terrain.

It’s common for trailer companies to stop here: big tires and perhaps an upgraded suspension – but we realize that you need more if you wish to conquer technical overland routes. The standard ball-coupler tow hitch is an Achilles’ heel for off-road trailers, providing only a limited range of articulation. To get around this, all of our off road trailers are equipped with a Max-Coupler Articulating hitch, providing a significantly greater range of motion, allowing you to tackle steep grades with ease.

Finally, we build our off-road trailers on an upgraded fully-welded steel frame – similar to those used on heavy duty utility trailers. The result is just a little extra heft but a ton of extra durability!

Off Road Teardrop Trailers For Sale In The US
Customizable Teardrop Trailers For Sale

Highly Customizable

For many trailer companies you can have your trailer any way you want – as long as it’s the exact color and configuration that they already sell it in.

At Timberleaf Trailers we recognize that not everyone wants their trailer to be the same as everyone else’s! From exterior color to countertops, from roof rack options and awnings, from cooking solutions to storage, you can craft your Timberleaf exactly as you want it!

We offer high quality accessories like Rhino awnings, Propex heaters, Maxxair fans, and even curtains for the windows!

A Bed That’s Actually Made For Sleeping

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time in a trailer you probably know that the bed situation can be described charitably as minimalist. Other descriptions of beds in many trailers could be: tragic, disappointing, or a violation of the Geneva convention. Simply put, most of them are so short on padding and support that long-term use is out of the question.

The Timberleaf Trailer deviates from the industry’s depressing norm and instead offers a real mattress that is actually enjoyable to sleep on. All Timberleaf Trailers come with our 6-inch thick foam Colorado queen-sized mattress. Are you a sensitive sleeper or just want to feel like you’re floating on clouds? Try our 8-inch thick triple-density foam mattress! You won’t find a more comfortable mattress on wheels!

What’s a Colorado queen anyway? Our Colorado queen is a custom mattress size designed specifically for our trailers. Dimensionally similar to a standard queen-sized mattress, our Colorado queen shaves off just 3-inches in order to fit within our trailer’s footprint and has plenty of room for two adults!

Full Sized Bed In Teardrop Trailer
Fully Insulated Teardrop Trailer Cabin

Fully Insulated Cabin

When you choose a Timberleaf Trailer you won’t have to worry about waking up cold. All Timberleaf Trailers are insulated with 1-inch thick expanded foam insulation sandwiched between two layers of birch plywood. The result is an interior space which is easy to keep comfortable even when the temperatures outside plummet.

When paired with our optional Propex propane heater you’ll remain toasty even if you find yourself overnighting in the Alaskan wilderness or nestled amongst the Rockies in winter.

The Right Size For Going Anywhere

Big trailers are often a big headache – requiring specialized tow vehicles, larger parking pads, and skillful handling to maneuver in tight spaces. Timberleaf trailers are svelte and include some of the lightest offerings on the market, with the Kestrel camping trailer weighing only 860 pounds!

This means that the Kestrel can be towed behind a Toyota Prius and you’ll still have nearly 900 pounds of tow limit to spare! Load up the Kestrel with a bike (mounted to the included 2-inch trailer hitch!), a kayak (secured on the included roof rack!), and supplies enough for a week of adventure and you will still have plenty of towing capacity to spare!

Our largest model, the Classic, weighs just 1,500 pounds, making it well within reach of most family vehicles’ towing capacity even when loaded with camping gear.
The compact dimensions of Timberleaf Trailers continue to pay dividends once you hit the road or trail. A low height means that drive-through windows aren’t a problem and a short length makes tackling winding mountain roads and narrow city streets a breeze.

Spend More Time Outdoors

One of the best reasons to buy a Timberleaf Trailer is for their uncanny ability to make it easier to spend time outside.

Unlike a tent that needs to be carefully set up, broken down, and cleaned after each use, Timberleaf trailers just need clean sheets and are ready to go! Don’t get us wrong – we love tent camping – but when conditions are cold, hot, wet, windy, or you’ve just arrived at your destination after a long day of driving, the benefits of a Timberleaf Trailer are hard to deny!

Unlike larger trailers which require specialized storage solutions, expensive and time consuming routine maintenance, and are limited to large campsites, Timberleaf trailers are easy to store, easy to maintain, and can go nearly anywhere! And, instead of being forced to cook inside a stuffy enclosed space, the Classic and Pika have outdoor kitchens which let you cook delicious meals while enjoying the beauty of your surroundings.

Get Back To Nature With Timberleaf Trailers

The Timberleaf Advantage

Selecting a trailer can feel like a daunting task – there are so many different options on the market. At the end of the day, Timberleaf Trailers provide an unmatched level of craftsmanship, attention to detail, off-road capabilities, customization, sleeping comfort, and towability.

If you want to spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time just preparing to enjoy the outdoors, a Timberleaf Trailer is the right choice for you. Check out our range of hand-built trailers to see which is the best fit for your next adventure!

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