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Camping With Teardrop Trailers In The Desert

What to pack for your first trailer camping trip:


Moisture and condensation are enemies #1 in the sleeping cabin of the trailer. In cold temps, your breath forms condensation on the windows, trim and even the woodwork itself in the coldest weather. This is why you need a zippered, moisture-blocking mattress encasement. It’s also good to have a microfiber towel to wipe down the sleeping cabin in the morning. And crack a window and the fan, even if it’s cold!

Camping With Teardrop Trailers In The Desert

Our first camping trips have been in November and December in Utah, New Mexico, and West Texas. There’s a lot of temperature variation between those places, so we needed options for sheets and blankets. We layer sheets, a cheap down-alternative comforter, an optional down blanket for really cold nights, and a wool blanket topper. The wool blanket doesn’t get cold to the touch, beads off moisture, and helps protect the sheets underneath from dust when the doors and windows are open. The Pika and Kestrel have double mattresses, and the Classic has a queen-size mattress. Watch out for extra-deep sheets, which will be too big for the shallower custom mattress. As soon as you get home, strip and wash the sheets, then remake the bed so it’s ready for the next trip. 

The inside of the cabin is incredibly peaceful. It’s a great place to take a nap, watch a movie on a cold night, or just observe the landscape out the open door with a book or a glass of wine. We bought outdoor throw pillows on a whim and have been surprised at how useful they are in turning the sleeping space into a prime lounging area. 

Camping With Teardrop Trailers In The Desert

Two great tips from Paula: 

1) You won’t regret having a box of tissues in the cabin

2) Get two lidded plastic bins for easy access to slide-on shoes. Store them on the fenders on each side of the trailer.

Sarah Labowitz and Pete Molick live in Houston, TX and their favorite place to take their Pika Off-Road is Big Bend National Park.

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