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Camping In The Desert With Teardrop Trailer

What to pack for your first trailer camping trip:

Making Camp

The magic of the trailer is unfurling the awnings, setting up camp, and feeling like you have an outdoor home. If you’re coming to trailer camping from car and tent camping, there’s a mindset shift that happens when you realize that you don’t have to be extra minimalist and lightweight in what you bring. Lay down an old blanket, and you can put heavier camp chairs, a table, and even an outdoor rug on top of the mattress for easy transport. Keep the storage bags in the tongue box while you’re camping to keep them mostly dust-free. 

Camping In The Desert With Teardrop Trailer

The outdoor rug was a surprise tip from Paula. Lots of retailers sell roll-up, plastic, woven rugs in colors to complement your trailer. Secure it under the rear trailer jacks or with rocks and it helps define your camp space and keep down dust.

With space and weight not major concerns, we went with a 6-person rectangular camping table for our 2-person camping team. We position the table perpendicular to the galley, next to the propane tank, to expand our cooking, eating, and card playing space. And the table is lightweight enough to move it around if the wind picks up after dinner. 

Coffee When Camping

Clips with a grippy coating are tiny camping heroes. We use them to secure a trash bag in the shallow cabinet, string up solar-powered lights, hang dish towels to dry, and reseal food packets. 

We haven’t yet camped in the buggier months. But in anticipation of getting the trailer, we got a pop-up screened shelter last summer. We used it for outdoor eating and drinking in our yard, and Kevin says that it’s great for camping to create a protected outdoor space mostly free from bugs.

Sarah Labowitz and Pete Molick live in Houston, TX and their favorite place to take their Pika Off-Road is Big Bend National Park.

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