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What to pack for your first trailer camping trip: Part One

Camping In The Desert With Teardrop Trailer

If you’re reading this because you’re getting ready to pick up your Timberleaf Trailer, then lucky you. Trailer camping is different from either tent camping or RV’ing: you can camp in the backcountry and sleep in a bed. There’s nothing better after a long drive than setting up a chair, opening a cold beer, and looking out over a wild landscape that feels like it’s just for you. 

Unless you’re an experienced trailer camper, you’ll probably need some new gear to get started. We just finished our second trip in our off-road Timberleaf Pika (the smaller size trailer with a galley). We were lucky to get advice on what to bring for our first trip from the whole Molick family, including Paula, who’s an expert baker and camp cook, perks of being part of the family. For our first trip, we spent a magical, pandemic-friendly, family Thanksgiving in Utah with Kevin, Paula, Alex and three Timberleaf trailers. The trip gave us even more insight about how to comfortably use this amazing little camper. 

We put together a packing list of things to consider bringing when you pick up the trailer, assuming you’re heading straight out to Utah or Colorado for your first adventure (or that you can’t wait to start camping when your trailer is delivered)! Your list will vary based on how and where you camp; you can make a copy of the document and edit it to fit your needs. Click each category below to find our posts where we go into the details of the list for each of the 8 sections: 

We assembled the things on this list over several months. Some of it we already owned, other stuff we watched and waited to go on sale, some things we bought at REI and our local Whole Earth Provisions, and some things we got on Amazon. This list also makes for great gift ideas (thanks for the “privacy tent,” family)!

There’s a whole Timberleaf community on Facebook for owners and people in the research phase to ask questions and learn more. Leave a comment with your best pre-trailer packing advice and we’ll update the list in our next post. 

Breakfast When Camping

Sarah Labowitz and Pete Molick live in Houston, TX and their favorite place to take their Pika Off-Road is Big Bend National Park.

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