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The Ultimate Teardrop Camper Set Up: The new face of glamping

Glamping With Teardrop Trailers In Grand Junction, CO

When many folks think about camping they envision a thin mattress pad laid atop the hard ground, a meal of cold sandwiches, and a paper-thin layer of woven nylon being all that separates you from the elements.

Glamping turns all of this on its head: a comfortable bed, a full-featured kitchen, and the creature comforts of home like lights, fans, speakers, and more!

A teardrop camper lets you enjoy remote campgrounds without having to suffer through a poor night’s sleep or a meal made from dehydrated food-stuffs. Timberleaf Trailers are ultra-light and built to go anywhere! Don’t let glamping stop where the pavement ends!

Teardrop Trailer With Comfy Bed and Skylight Windows

Why choose a teardrop camper for glamping?

In general, glamping tends to refer to a type of car camping with bigger tents, generators, chairs, and other amenities that make your camping experience more luxurious than rustic.

Some glampers take their outdoor living to the next level and have full-featured campervans or trailers which can accommodate an entire family – but often require special licenses and powerful tow vehicles to use. These RV campers are more mobile-home than hard-tent and are generally limited to the few paved pads that state and national parks have available.

A teardrop trailer represents the goldilocks zone between the two glamping extremes – merging the mobility of car camping with the comfort of an RV. With a Timberleaf teardrop trailer you’ll be able to embark on overland glamping adventures – taking multi day trips through the backcountry without leaving behind the comfort of a real mattress or complete kitchen.

What are the best glamping trailer accessories?

There is an uncommon abundance of options for the intrepid glamper. Whether you want to ensure that you’ll be comfortable in extreme weather or bring along your favorite single-origin coffee beans to drink as espresso while watching a scenic sunrise, glamping accessories will elevate your camping experience.

Here are a few of our favorite accessories you can add to your travel trailer:

  1. Awnings: Providing protection from the sun and rain, awnings vastly increase your usable outdoor living spaces in harsh climates. Timberleaf trailers can optionally be equipped with Rhino Rack or Moon Fabrication’s awnings.
  2. Heater: Sitting around a fire pit is a great way to stave off the cold, but inevitably there comes a time to go to bed. Instead of a cold sleeping bag, the Timberleaf trailer’s optional integrated Propex Heater system lets you enjoy a cozy night’s sleep.
  3. Mattress: Speaking of sleeping well – a real mattress is a game changer for your glamping experience. Even the most comfortable camp pad pales in comparison to our base 4” thick mattress, and our optional 6” thick triple-layer foam mattress is like sleeping on clouds.
  4. Ventilation: Somehow, despite being mostly made of mesh, tents manage to be stifling hot in summer months. The problem is simple: poor airflow. The Timberleaf trailer solves this problem with its MaxxAir Fan. This 10 speed fan has a built-in rain sensor to avoid the possibility of being woken up in the middle of the night by a pop-up rain-shower.
  5. Windows and Skylights: While tents have mesh screens, when the forecast promises precipitation the rainfly blocks your view. Timberleaf trailers have windows and skylights on the Classic and Pika models to let you enjoy the scenery no matter the weather.

A full kitchen in the middle of the wilderness

After a long day hiking, even freeze-dried camp food can be fairly satisfying… but there are only so many bags of rehydrated soup mix and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that a person can eat! With a built-in galley, your Timberleaf trailer gives you the tools to prepare a real meal on your next weekend getaway!

Equipped with a sink, faucet, 2-burner propane stove, custom cooler or optional 12-volt refrigerator, and LED lights, the Timberleaf Trailer kitchenette lets you enjoy a gourmet meal wherever your adventures take you!

Glamping With Teardrop Trailers With Full Kitchens
Glamping With Solar Power And Teardrop Trailers

Disconnect – But only as much as you want to!

One of the best things about camping is that it gives people distance from the omnipresent cloud of social media, Netflix, Zoom calls, and other digital intrusions. However, just because you’re off the grid doesn’t mean you need to leave behind the joys and conveniences of electrical power!

From keeping your photography gear charged to powering your laptop for a bit of writing in the woods, there are good reasons to stay connected! With a teardrop trailer you’ve got several options for staying charged, including solar panels and generators. We personally recommend solar panels as they don’t intrude on the natural soundscapes.

Our optional solar panels provide up to 140 watts of power, letting you top up mobile electronics and use electrical accessories wherever you may wander.

Glamping solutions for when nature calls

There is an undeniable sense of freedom that comes from relieving yourself in the woods. Unfortunately, this freedom is paired with logistical difficulties… squatting over a hole you’ve just dug in the ground in the dead of night is a precarious adventure!

While a traditional camper’s bathroom gear may be limited to a roll of compostable toilet paper and a trowel, a glamper can take their outdoor bathroom experience to the next level. There are a variety of portable toilet solutions on the market, all of which save you time digging holes, make it easier to follow leave-no-trace principles, and eliminate the need for squatting.

The two main types of portable toilets are tanked toilets and bagged toilets. Tanked toilets work similarly to a camper trailer’s toilet, storing the waste in a blackwater tank. Bagged toilets use a bag, often filled with a kitty-litter type material to absorb liquid and reduce odors. Both are good solutions to a perennially tough problem!

When it comes to staying clean while camping, teardrop glampers can go beyond the typical camper’s baby wipe bath and fresh underwear method. By mounting a solar shower tank to your camper’s roof rack you’ll be able to rinse off at the end of each day with warm water. Yakima’s Roadshower 4 holds 7 gallons of pressurized water, perfect for enjoying up to a 10-minute long outdoor shower!

Store more, more securely

Anyone who has gone car camping can attest to the fact that storage space is always at a premium. Even an SUV’s cargo area quickly fills up after you’ve packed your tent, sleeping bag, camp pad, kitchen gear, cooler, and water for a long weekend!

A teardrop camper, on the other hand, completely replaces that entire trunk-full of camping supplies, freeing up the inside of your tow-vehicle to store whatever road-trip goodies you want! If you need additional storage you can equip your Timberleaf trailer with a roof rack or a lockable aluminum tongue-mounted storage box.

Going to leave your campsite for a day out hiking or enjoying the beach? Instead of worrying about your gear, you can fully relax knowing that your property is safely locked inside your trailer.

Glamping with Timberleaf Trailers

A Teardrop Camper Makes Glamping a Breeze

Camping is an amazing way to spend the weekend, but after 5 days at work it can feel like too much of a chore to get all of your gear together to go out. A teardrop trailer streamlines the entire process, making getting ready to go out as simple as putting on a clean set of bed linens and filling up the fridge!

Once you arrive at your campsite your Timberleaf Trailer will be ready to go in minutes. Enjoy cooking a meal at sunset, get a great night’s sleep, and wake up ready for a day of adventure!

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