Teardrop Camper Advantages: Reasons to Own One

Teardrop campers, also known as teardrop caravans and teardrop trailers, were popular in the USA back in the day. However, they nearly vanished for decades due to the emergence of larger cars and more powerful caravans, and lower fuel prices. The popularity of teardrop caravans has increased in various continents over the past few years. More people are choosing this type of mini caravan as their ideal choice. What are the benefits of a teardrop camping vehicle that has seen it resurgent?


Easy to Tow

Teardrop campers can be small and light (pretty much like the pop up campers It is therefore not necessary to have a heavy-duty vehicle to tow them. As long as your car has a hitch, mini caravans can be towed by almost any vehicle. There is a very great chance that your car can tow a teardrop tent.

They are also small and easy to maneuver because of their small size. All tasks, including parking in overcrowded spots and maneuvering between trees at the campsite, can be accomplished almost stress-free.

Turning around is also easier due to the small size and weight of the teardrop camper. If you find yourself at an impasse and unable to move forward or backward, you can always unhitch the mini caravan and maneuver it yourself. It won’t take you much effort.


Many teardrop trailers are significantly cheaper than larger caravans. The trailer’s aerodynamic and low-profile design means that it is less fuel-intensive than larger caravans. Teardrop campers are not only less expensive but also easier to operate.

Low Maintenance

Teardrop campers don’t need much maintenance. They are compact in design and function. There are fewer moving parts and systems onboard that could fail than in larger caravans. This makes it cost-effective and reduces the need to maintain teardrop campers.

It’s easy to store

Teardrop campers don’t take up much space because they are so small. Teardrops can be stored in most garages, driveways, or parking spots. You can store your caravan at home, so you don’t need to rent storage units or pay storage fees. You can store your teardrop camper at home and use it as a guest room for overnight guests.


Teardrop trailers are small, portable, and easy to tow. They can travel to places larger motorhomes or caravans cannot. A teardrop mini caravan allows you to access remote areas and enjoy the most beautiful sites.

Larger caravans often have to be parked in flat spots at campgrounds because trees can cause damage. This issue is not a problem with a teardrop camper, and you can choose the most beautiful place.


You can easily personalize most teardrop campers to fit your taste. You can personalize the exterior to reflect your personality. You can choose larger tires that provide more ground clearance and a roof rack to store kayaks, canoes, or surfboards. You can also add on third-party accessories such as tents and roof tents or awnings. To increase the space of teardrop campers, you can add these items to them.

Smaller Carbon Emissions

Mini caravans are less fuel-intensive than larger caravans or motorhomes, so the towing vehicle’s fuel consumption doesn’t rise. A teardrop caravan also requires fewer resources, which has a lower impact on the environment.

Attractive Design

Teardrop trailers are usually a classic design. They are much more attractive than motorhomes and box-shaped caravans. You can be sure that their popularity is due to the teardrop trailer’s design.

Closer to nature

A teardrop camper inspires you to be in nature. You use the vehicle mostly to do some sleeping and do your cooking outdoors. So you really feel like nature enchanted. Larger caravans and motorhomes, on the contrary, can make you spend more time inside as they tend to be housed on wheels with the same distractions and temptations as at home. It is even suitable for winter camping if you have nice insulation 

Simple to set up

It’s easy to pack all your camping gear in a teardrop camper and get out in minutes. Set up and take down at the campsite takes no more than 10-15 minutes. You can now relax and enjoy the outdoors while your campsite neighbor with a larger caravan is busy unhooking and maneuvering.

More comfortable than a tent

Teardrop campers offer more comfort than a tent while still providing you the opportunity of being close to nature. The camper has a comfortable bed, and you don’t need to sleep on uneven or rough ground. The sturdy walls and roof protect you from the environment, keeping you warm and cozy inside.

The advantage over tents is the ease of set up and tear down. Teardrop campers are much easier to set up than tents. They offer greater security. They also can be locked up when you leave the campsite, and your belongings will be safe.

Larger from the inside 

The teardrop campers can be small, and that is a fact. It may seem like there isn’t much space. You might be really surprised to find out how spacious it is inside. You will feel more spacious than you are outside. Because teardrop campers can be small, there are many practical ways to make them more spacious. Underfloor storage compartments are one solution. They provide extra space for your gear.

Light Travel

Because teardrop trailers are small, even with all the handy solutions, there is limited space. This is a good thing at times. Take only what you really need with you, and don’t overpack. This makes it much easier to pack and unpack.

You can always take more stuff with you and use your vehicle’s towing facility to store them.

And last but not least the teardrop camper has a resale value.

Teardrop campers tend to be less expensive than larger motorhomes and caravans. Teardrop campers also have fewer moving parts and systems that could fail, which means they retain their resale values well.

For those who are passionate about nature and want a small, inexpensive, easy-to-maintenance caravan, a teardrop camper can be a great choice. These benefits will hopefully help you decide if a teardrop camper is right for you.

We want to thank Peter Yordanov of Black Series Campers for working with us on this collaboration, we have enjoyed working with them to generate this article and recommend that if you need more space than our compact teardrop trailers, that you check them out as an option!

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