Make A Wish Teardrop Trailer

In July of 2021, our sales team received an inquiry from the Utah Make-A-Wish foundation. They had a young lady wishing for her very own Timberleaf trailer. The conversation began with some initial questions regarding pricing, taxes, fees, transportation logistics; and of course the elephant in the room: our lead time.

While most of us have heard about the Make-A-Wish foundation and their wonderful work, few have had experience or understanding of how the organization worked to fulfill wishes. Despite our relative naïveté, we were immediately ecstatic about the possibility of working with the organization. We couldn’t wait to fulfill the wish and help Mary hit the road, camp in comfort, safety, and style. We quickly learned from our contact with the Make-A-Wish foundation that although Mary is in good health and her illness is being successfully managed, Wish requests must be fulfilled within 9-months, so our year-and-a-half lead time presented a concern.

We knew that this was something we wanted to be involved in, but there were some scheduling logistics to work around to accommodate the 9-month time frame to grant the Wish. After a discussion within the office, we found a way to squeeze one very special trailer into our schedule for this unique circumstance.

At Timberleaf, we absolutely love building these trailers for all of our clients to use and create lifelong memories in. The adventures and travels that accompany the unique style of traveling in a beautifully handcrafted teardrop camping trailer are unparalleled. However, this trailer created even more excitement for all of us than normal. We were all ecstatic to have the opportunity to bring joy to a young woman’s life as she gets ready to head off on boundless adventure.

The Kestrel was the model of choice for Mary. Starting at just 900lbs with a clean yet functional layout, it is the perfect fit for a first-time teardrop trailer owner. It tows like a dream behind most vehicles and is easy to maneuver.

Timberleaf outfitted her Kestrel with a few upgrades, we added our power supply upgrade, which includes interior and exterior LED lighting, USB ports, and a built-in battery with power supply to the fan. The Maxxair 10-speed fan with a built-in rain sensor to keep things well ventilated and will automatically shut off during a rain storm. Timberleaf Trailers also included a Lion Energy UT1300 lithium battery for the ultimate in battery reliability, fast charging, and long life. Window curtains to help add privacy and keep the cabin feeling cozy for those lazy mornings, and a clear skylight so she can stargaze from the comfort of her very own bed. We wanted to make sure she was set up with an amazing teardrop camping trailer for her future travels.

We immediately knew that we wanted to be involved in the trailer hand-off to Mary, so we worked closely with Make-A-Wish Utah to coordinate the special day. A handful of representatives from Timberleaf Trailers made their way to Salt Lake City to hand off this beautiful wish to Mary. She had not yet seen any pictures of her trailer, nor had she seen one of our trailers in person until this time.

We are so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with the Make-A-Wish foundation and Mary’s family to fulfill her wish. We absolutely love our involvement in all of our clients adventures, but to be involved in such a special trailer was amazing. We were honored to help grant Mary’s wish. It was an experience that we are thrilled to have had the ability to participate in.

Every wish granted by Make-A-Wish Utah is represented here in a beautiful display of glass stars delicately hung from the ceiling in the atrium of their office in Murray, Utah.

Shop visits by appointment only during this time. We are happy to provide private video tours as well.

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