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Introducing our Newest Solar PAnel

The Dropleaf 140 from Lightleaf Solar

Teardrop Trailer Lightleaf Solar

Our latest update for solar charging comes from our friends in Canada, Lightleaf Solar. They build custom-molded carbon fiber solar panels that are ultra-light and rugged for teardrop trailers of all types. These panels allow for seamless charging when installed on the trailer, but also offer tool-free removal of the panel for use remotely via extension cable.

A deployable, rigid, lightweight solar panel for small trailers. This panel is custom-fit for our Classic, Pika, and Kestrel models; add 140-watts of solar with this removable carbon fiber panel. Built using ROC Technology to be rigid, strong, durable, and lightweight.

Teardrop Trailer Lightleaf Solar
  • 140W output
  • 22% efficient SunPower monocrystalline cells
  • Carbon fiber composite rigid structure molded to our specific curvature
  • Impact and abrasion resistant UV-safe polycarbonate face
  • Panels are waterproof with an IP66 rated junction box
  • Quick-release and lockable mounting hardware
  • Remote charging with integrated kickstand and corner tether points
  • Lightweight and easy to handle at under 7-pounds and 3/8-inches thick
  • 14 AWG marine duplex wire with SAE plug
Teardrop Trailer Lightleaf Solar

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(we don’t recommend standing on your solar panel)

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